Wednesday, 27 November 2013

3pm update - bulls giving thanks to QE-pomo

Across the last 25 months, the sp'500 has rallied 68%. It is probably safe to argue that 90% of those 730pts are due to the Fed. Unquestionably..the bull maniacs should be giving all their thanks to the Bernanke..and soon...the Yellen monster.

sp'60min (with metals)

AAPL, daily


New QE-pomo schedule for December  (released @ 3pm)

*AAPL looking strong, and set for further gains in the remainder of the year, 580/600 looks a relatively easy target zone to hit.

Unlike yesterday..I don't think there is much chance of any sig' closing hour rollover. More likely..we'll even see a touch of algo-bot melt into the close.

Weekly charts are offering sp'1815/25 into next week.

*I will hold short-SLV, across the Thursday break....seeking an exit in the 18.60/50s


3.05pm.. Jeez, look at the QE schedule for next week.

HEAVY QE.. Tue, Wed, and Friday. Bears haven't a hope.

3.15pm.. Bitcoin breaks $1000.   That is bullish for the broader market...yes?

I will note Santelli on clown finance TV, I do understand the irony in that BTC might soon be priced higher than a real oz' of Gold. 

3.41pm... just look at this nonsense...

AMZN, daily

The 400s soon..and probably 500s by end spring 2014.  Utter...madness!