Thursday, 31 October 2013

2pm update - holding under 1775

The main market is comfortably holding under the sp'1775 high, and the 15/60min cycles will likely see a renewed push lower to the low 1730s early next week. Metals are closing the month on a bearish note, Gold -$19. VIX is -1.6% in the 13.40s.



Not much to add, although there remains a lot of interesting action in individual stocks.

*QE-pomo schedule for Nov' is issued at 3pm.

FB continues to recover from the opening drop.

That is one hell of a bullish engulfing candle. Upside into the 60s looks..pretty easy by early December.

2.27pm.. sp'1767..well, its a fair bounce..but it'll surely suggested by the bigger daily charts. 

Reasonable downside...of around 30/ the low 1730s..within a few days.