Wednesday, 18 September 2013

2pm update- USS Bernanke set to land

The main indexes are holding very minor declines. The smaller 5/15/60min index cycles all look primed to snap higher. Metals have rebounded, with Gold back to flat. Oil is holding significant gains of 1.4%. VIX is holding effectively flat in the mid 14s.


I wish I could believe in the following Fed outcome...

As it is, I'm guessing it will actually be the USS Equity-Bear

So...lets see what the FOMC have for us!

*special note again...the 'real action' is more likely once the Bernanke press conference is done, rather than the initial press release.

standing by!

2.01pm... lol...what a farce. Not even a mild cut...

naturally. .market snaps to new all time historic highs.

Bears getting nuked.....the horror :(

VIX smashed -7%... sp' set to close in the 1720s.

Awful day for those on the short side without stops....this is about as bad as it could.

2.08pm... metals screaming higher.. from earlier -$13... to +33.

Despite things being a little twitchy out there, ZERO reason why the market won't build.

So, a close in the 1720s.. VIX 13s, and ...everything is all fine..with the printers at 85bn a month. Great huh ?

2.13pm..fierce gains now.. vix -8%....and a close viable in the sp'1730s ?

2.25pm....and this is the kind of hyper-ramp nonsense that scares me. There is no reason why sp'2000s won't be hit in the early spring.

QE ain't ending..hell, they won't even cut if back a little.

A close in the 1730s, with sp +1.5% now looks very viable..along with VIX 12s.

2.30pm.. a clear break on the daily charts...

Ohoh, and here comes the Bernanke..which will probably last a good hour.

2.42pm.. all weekly index charts looking hyper bullish into next week. sp'1740/50s now look viable by end month (hey deflation're back on track !)