Thursday, 29 August 2013

3pm update - seeking a close in the 1630s

The main indexes are still holding moderate gains, but the closing hour should see some weakness. Equity bears should be seeking a close back in the sp'1630s. Interestingly, VIX remains holding fractional gains. Who wants to be long overnight?




Not exactly the most exciting of days, but at least the bulls are not seeing any kind of hyper-ramp into the 1650s.

There is no reason why we won't see at least a little weakness into the close, with sp'1630s, and VIX closing moderately higher. 

*I will remain short the market overnight, via LONG VIX.

updates into the close... if things get interesting

3.09pm .Oil slipping, and a red close would confirm yesterdays black-fail candle. Yet...who wants to be short Oil, ahead of any Syria action?

I can only imagine futures traders having their accounts blow up in the coming days/weeks, on any military attack.

3.34pm  sp'1638...kinda good for the bears ;) Can we close now please?