Tuesday, 16 July 2013

3pm update - ramp into the close

The main indexes have seen a rather clear 5 waves lower..and now we're in sub'3 of 'something' on the upside. Bears getting overly excited about the earlier drop to 1671, should be frankly... terrified..of a very viable sp'1700 by late tomorrow.




The micro-cycles are 'behaving' rather well today.

Upside into the close..supported on ALL cycles.

3.06pm..ironic how a 3pt drop in 5mins..and the bears will be getting overly excited again.

Hourly charts are lousy...from a bearish perspective. Cycle looks done.

3.23pm..despite the mild bearish hysteria out there, the 5min micro-cycle is floored, and the earlier low of 1671 ..holds.

Lets see what the bulls can managed in 37mins !