Monday, 3 June 2013

11am update - still choppy

Mr Market remains in a bit of a mess. The bears are desperate for follow through from last Friday afternoon, but the bulls are seeing this as merely another buying opportunity. Considering its Tuesday tomorrow - with mid-size QE, I'm guessing we'll battle higher by end-week.




A messy Monday, but that's okay.

ISM data was certainly weak, arguably recessionary, so...those hoping for 'QE tapering'...forget it.

I will say, I am surprised to see VIX break into the 17s, although I still think its merely another chance for bears to exit.

*I went long earlier, and exited after a mere 9mins, for a very good gain. Will re-long tomorrow, probably a combination of IWM and USO. Although I do like MRO lately too.