Tuesday, 10 July 2012

11am update - urghh.. what now?

This market is messing with everyone today. Was it just an opening fake out? I am getting really tired of this latest nonsense!

sp' daily5

A break of the daily 10MA - now @ 1350, would be 'useful' for the bears.


*ignore the count, things are completely unreliable today. The only sure 'known' is that 1335/30 zone is key breakthrough territory for the bears.


A confusing mess, if we can 'somehow' magically hit 1335 at any point, I'm bailing out of this madness. At least for a little

The daily cycle suggest downside.
The hourly cycle is a real mess, we could still close higher than the open, and yet still close much lower.

I'm sure the day-traders are having fun with today though..........I am not.