Saturday, 17 March 2012

CAT - still purring

Caterpillar remains one of my favourite companies. Its a real company, makes a real product, whose products do REAL work. Not some paper pushing derivatives nonsense like many of the financial institutions out there.

CAT, daily, near term

CAT is seeing a nice uptrend right now, and looks set to break the recent high of 117. If that can be done, then a move to around 125/130 would be 'best guess' within the next 2-4 months. Especially, look at the blue-bar MACD, it is due to go positive cycle this coming Monday/Tue. It is one bullish sign for the underlying market.

CAT, weekly, 3 year history

A break above 120 will be important in the coming 1-4 weeks. Only a break below about 85 - or 'doomer level' 70, would make for a new bigger bearish outlook.

Good wishes!