Saturday, 17 March 2012

AKAM - Highly Profitable Tech

AKAM continues to be one of the more quality tech companies out there in my view. It has seen a great run upward since last Octobers low.

AKAM: up almost 100% in just 6 months

Near term, AKAM looks set to begin a new up cycle this week, first target would be upper bol' of 38/39. A move above 40 might suggest the big 50 is possible by the next earnings sometime in April.

Unlike much of the tech' sector, it AKAM seems to be much more reliable. Profit margins are 17%, no debt, some cash, and a PE of around 20.  The PE is certainly not in the cheap category, but clearly, a move to around 50 would only take it to around 25.

AKAM will be a good indicator of what sort of mood the wider market is in next week. If we see AKAM break over 38..even 40, we'll know the low vol' melt up might easily continue to at least April.