Tuesday, 3 May 2016

2pm update - its getting annoying again

US equities have recovered from a low of sp'2054 to 2068, with VIX cooling back to the low 15s. It remains the case that the bull maniacs are still not remotely concerned that 2111 might be a key marginally lower high. Oil remains broadly weak, -2.9% in the $43s.




So yes.... I'm getting somewhat annoyed, not least as the VIX has lost almost two thirds of the earlier gains.

Equity bears need to turn this around into the close.. otherwise the gap zone of 2079/77 will be a threat tomorrow.. with descending trend around 2090 at the Wed' open.

Here in London city....

The forecast is for the 70s with sunshine later this week. Is that bearish for UK equities?

notable strength, AAPL +2.2% in the $95s... but more on that one later.