Friday, 13 May 2016

12pm update - 8 of 9 for King Dollar

Whilst the broader US equity market is in minor chop mode, it is highly notable that the USD is currently net high for the last 8 of 9 trading days, currently +0.6% in the DXY 94.70s. Despite the appreciation, the precious metals are holding together, with Gold actually now +$3 around $1270.

UUP, daily

GLD, daily


You regular readers should be well aware, that I not on the 'dollar doomer' train. Yes, I'll continue to highlight videos from Schiff, but I strongly disagree with him on the notion that the USD will broadly collapse.. and eventually break the <DXY 70s.

A core problem for many nations is that much of their recently acquired debt is denominated in USD, and that puts an underlying bid on the USD for many years to come.

Besides.. the Euro, Yen, and even the UK pound are infinitely more vulnerable to imploding.
*as a side note... its somewhat amusing to see the IMF, and even the BoE's Carney come out and tout doom, if the UK votes to exit the EU.

notable strength... AAPL, daily

Regardless of any short term bounces... AAPL looks extremely vulnerable to the $70s this summer.

yours.. never bought an AAPL product.