Monday, 25 April 2016

11am update - remaining weak

US equities remain moderately weak, with the sp' having broken to 2078 - with VIX 14.76. The daily/weekly cycles are offering the 2040s - with VIX 17/18s, into the monthly close. With slightly twitchy capital markets, the metals are back on the rise, Gold +$6, with Silver +0.4%. WTIC Oil -1.1% in the $43s.




Equity/VIX price action is increasingly swinging in favour to the equity bears.

It is now merely a case of how we close the week/month.

*marginally amusing to see the cheerleaders on clown finance TV already getting a touch twitchy. How many days until they start asking 'was sp'2111 a key mid term high?'

notable strength, DIS, daily

Despite the somewhat weak main market, Disney is making a serious play to break above multiple aspects of resistance in the $104s. A daily close in the $105s should spook the bears.. and open up the 112/114 zone.