Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Mixed day for the VIX

It was a very mixed day for the VIX, opening a little lower, but then swinging to a morning high of 24.99. With equities flooring at sp'1872, and soaring in the late afternoon, the VIX cooled, settling -1.5% @ 21.65. Near term outlook offers the sp'1970s, which would likely equate to VIX 18/17s.




*stockcharts suggested the VIX spiked this morning to 27.70. However my own trading screen only showed 24.99, and I'm going with the latter, as also suggested via other volatility instruments.

Suffice to add... VIX almost hit 25, but then rapidly cooled in the afternoon, as the sp'500 swung from 1872 to a peak of 1918.

VIX looks set to fall under the key 20 threshold, with 18/17s next Wed/Thursday.

more later... on the indexes