Monday, 11 January 2016

VIX starting to cool

With the sp'500 breaking a new cycle floor of 1901, the VIX broke a fractional higher high of 27.39, but notably cooled into the close, settling -10.0% @ 24.30. Near term outlook offers an equity bounce into the FOMC of Jan'27th.. and that might equate to VIX in the 18/16 zone.




With the sp' close of 1923, there is provisional clarity of a short term floor.

VIX is confirming this, via a very rapid cool down in the late afternoon, from the 27s to 24s.

*I exited TVIX-long in the early morning... seeking to pick up again Jan 26/27th.

Seeking broadler VIX upside to the 30s, perhaps the 40s in February.

more later... on the indexes