Monday, 11 January 2016

3pm update - an absolute beginner

US equities are offering a floor of sp'1901, with VIX having broken a fractionally higher high of 27.39. It would seem we have a floor. First upside target is 1970. If the market can rally into the next FOMC (as is often the case).. that is 11 trading days to hit the 1990s. Sustained action >2K..... no way.




Am kinda tired...

Suffice to add.... it would seem the 1920/00 zone will hold...  with Fed official Lockhart having 'inspired' a rally to begin in the 2pm turn hour.

A favourite of mine...

Bowie was a big part of my younger years, so many great tracks... impossible to call 'absolute beginners' my favourite... I can't say one song is any better than over a hundred others.

I sure feel somewhat older today.


3.29pm.. A spike floor candle.... we have provisional confirm' of a floor from sp'1901... so... the 1970s are on their way.

3.34pm.. with VIX 24s.... there is no doubt now.    

I was certainly overly twitchy on my exit this morning... but a gain is a gain.. so no whining from me.

sp' 1923....  a full 1.1% from the earlier low.