Tuesday, 25 August 2015

1pm update -still awaiting a little weakness

The smaller 15min cycle remains threatening a down wave across the next few hours. Notable, the hourly cycle has a bullish MACD cross, officially ending the collapse wave from sp'2103-1867. Regardless of the exact close... net daily gains.. with further upside for at least another few days.




Little to add.

Lets see if we get a minor snap lower.. .washing out a few of the bull maniacs in the sp'1920/15 zone.. before resuming higher.

*I continue to have eyes on AAPL. To be clear though.. if I do get involved, it will be a moderate size position. I have not lost sight of the broader bearish outlook for Sept/Oct.

stay tuned

1.17pm.. things are getting marginally interesting.   15min MACD cycles turning negative.

As ever.. 2.30pm is often a key turn... so... I'd like to give this another hour.

Interesting that by waiting a mere few hours.. AAPL calls have cooled 10% .. despite the price largely flat lining. No doubt.. largely due to the cooling VIX.

1.25pm... still melting lower...

... on track for a 2.30pm turn/floor

1.30pm.... sp'1917.. with AAPL 107...  hmm....

Naturally, I am the impatient one... but so far... I am containing my inclination to start hitting buttons.