Monday, 30 September 2013

2pm update - bears struggling

The opening black-fail candle on the VIX once again proved to be a great early 'cash out' signal to the equity bears. The VIX has significantly cooled down, losing half of its opening gains,,whilst the sp' is now making a play to break into the 1690s.




Despite an hourly MACD cycle on the indexes that is warning of a snap higher into the close, a daily close in the 1690s will be...difficult, ahead of 'shutdown' uncertainty this evening.

Regardless, dare I say, I warned last Friday afternoon, be mindful of any opening black candle on the VIX. Those black candles on the VIX..are often very powerful indicators

Notable mover: STX (a company I've been recently highlighting).. significantly higher.

2.36pm.. Bears remain at high risk of a market that could snap higher into the close. As ever..for the serious/big money...good stops..vital.

Clown finance TV is kinda useful today..with some updates on what the political maniacs are trying to arrange today.