Monday, 4 April 2016

2pm update - when will the sun set on this rally?

Despite the current touch of minor weakness, the core question for the near, mid, and even long term, is at what level will the current rally from sp'1810 max out? A number of indexes have already taken out some key levels (as reflected in such stocks as GE), but for the moment.. it remains broadly borderline.

Nasdaq comp', daily

GE, daily


It is notable that if you want to form an average of the key indexes - and take a high from the Nov/Dec' time frame, the level on the Nasdaq to watch is around 5150.. specifically, 5176.

The point is... I remain trying to not get overly focused on just one index. Some will lead... others follow, and the challenge is to treat them as a collective.

Here in London city....

Rather nice, and its good to still have daylight after 1pm EST.

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