Tuesday, 26 April 2016

11am update - morning turn

US equities push to sp'2096, but are seeing a somewhat discernible turn. USD is continuing to weaken, -0.4% in the DXY 94.40s. Metals have turned higher, Gold +$4, with Silver +0.3%. Oil is holding sig' gains of 1.4% in the $43s.




*lack of sleep... hence I missed the open..

So.. a little higher... but now.. back to flat....

None of the econ data was great, least of all Durable Goods orders, which gave a y/y decline of -2.5%. That sure ain't something for the macro bulls to be pleased about it.

It remains the case that price action is likely to be increasingly subdued into tomorrow afternoon. 

AAPL will no doubt liven things up though in AH.

notable weakness... NFLX, daily

The former much beloved momo stock continues to get ground lower. Next support is the $90 threshold.. and then $80.