Tuesday, 22 March 2016

VIX a little higher

With US equity indexes opening moderately lower on an adverse geo-pol' event in Belgium, the VIX opened higher to 14.76. Yet, the VIX then cooled, breaking an intra low of 13.75, but settling +2.8% @ 14.17. Near term outlook threatens further equity upside to the sp'2060/80 zone, and that might equate to VIX briefly in the 12s.




Little to add.

The VIX remains broadly subdued, now firmly stuck in the low teens.. whilst equities continue to claw their way  upward.

For the moment, there is little reason to expect the VIX to hit the key 20 threshold until the end of next week at the very earliest.

VIX 30s look out of range until the latter half of April.

more later... on the VIX