Monday, 14 March 2016

12pm update - sunny skies, but...

US equities remain moderately mixed. As is usually the case, the algo-bots will be inclined to melt prices higher in the latter half of the day, which would make for a second consecutive close above the 200dma for the Dow/sp'500. Yet... on any basis, this week's FOMC will be the perfect excuse for a reversal.




*note the upper bollinger on the daily chart @ sp'2035, and the hourly around 2032.

Clearly, the 2030s are somewhat probable.. whether tomorrow.. or more likely... Wednesday afternoon.

Little to add.. on what is clearly a day of moderate chop.

notable weakness... TVIX -1.1%.. melting toward the $5s.

Here in London city...

Almost spring :)

time for lunch