Monday, 21 March 2016

11am update - kooky TVIX

US equities remain in micro chop mode, sp -5pts @ 2044. Ongoing price action does not favour the equity bears, and it still seems probable we'll see the sp'2070/80 zone, along with WTIC oil in the $44/45s. VIX remains broadly subdued, currently +4% in the 14s.



*back.. earlier than expected.

So... VIX is still in the low teens... whilst the indexes are holding together very well.

It is notable we have Fed officials Lockhart and Bullard today, and both could be the excuse for further upside across the next few days.

notable 'rogue print' in TVIX, 5min

So.. we have seen the $4s already today. Hmm

time to cook