Wednesday, 17 February 2016

2pm update - time for a fed press release

Its that time of the month where are due to see the latest FOMC minutes. Current price momentum remains extremely strong, and it would seem that a retrace (if any) is limited to no lower than the 1900 threshold. VIX is naturally still in cooling mode, -5% in the 22s.




*VIX hourly candle is trying to put in a floor. MACD cycle ticking back upward.. but still... at best.. a moderate rally.. before resuming to VIX 20.. if not the 19/18s next Mon/Tuesday.

Even at the current rate.. an hourly bearish MACD cross in equities is out of range until late tomorrow.

notable weakness...

energy stocks,  RIG/SDRL, both higher by around 7%.. but then both are also on the disappear list

Lets see what the algo-bots make of the press release..............

2.07pm.. nothing in there to spook the markets.

The old excuse of 'fed concern at economy. means rates ain't going up'.

Yeah.. that is super bullish the spring.

VIX hits new low of 22.02.