Friday, 5 February 2016

1pm update - its like watching myself

Whilst US equities remain significantly lower, sp -29pts @ 1885, with the VIX +4% in the 22.90s, there was a rather interesting guest on clown finance TV. Bartels of Merrill Lynch was rather decisive, calling for the 1600s, then renewed upside into year end... with a grander target of 3500s by 2025.

sp'monthly3d - double top back test.. and UP

Bartels admits to being a chartist

Hyper bullish upside into the mid 2020s.


I shall certainly continue to whine and bitch about the cheerleaders on clown finance TV. Most of the time they are absolutely annoying, but from time to time, they do have some very interesting guests.

Bartels of Merrill Lynch (owned by Bank of America) effectively outlined an outlook that is also shared by yours truly.

She even made the point that we've still to see capitulation within the commodity sector. She didn't tout any particular names for bankruptcy as I might have, but its clear she is seeking a few corporate implosions into the early summer.

If Bartels and I are broadly correct, we'll get good opportunity to trade short.. and then heavy-long into year end.

I am well aware though, if we're trading in the sp'1600s (or even briefly 1500s) within the next 2-3 months, it's going to be stomach churningly difficult to go long... or at the very least... NOT remain heavy-short.

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