Monday, 29 February 2016

11am update - continued chop

US equities remain in minor chop mode, as the equity bears lack any sig' downside power, despite another recessionary (Chicago PMI: 47.6) econ-data point. Metals are holding gains, Gold +$9, with Silver +0.6%. Oil is +0.6% in the 32/33s.




Price structure on the hourly equity cycle remains a clear baby bull flag - with a corresponding baby bear flag on the VIX hourly, and I do expect a bullish equity upward break, whether late today or tomorrow.

Broadly... the 2K level looks rather straight forward..and it certainly doesn't have to hit this week.

Here in London city....

late winter sun

Govt' Subsidised solar roofs

... and with March tomorrow, early summer warmth is maybe just 6-7 weeks away. Thank the gods.

time to cook