Tuesday, 24 November 2015

12pm update - strong bounce from 2070

US equities have naturally seen a floor of sp'2070 around the typical turn time of 11am. Whether you want to call it 'PPT/CB meddling' (ahead of Obama/Hollande press conf').. or a mere natural bounce.... it would seem the retrace ahead of the holiday is probably complete.



Well, I'd expected a bounce from 11am onward.. but not this strong. This is frankly a little crazy.

I rarely mention it.. but with a VERY sig' press conf' due with King O' and his anti-monarchyness.. Hollande, were 'they' meddling a little earlier to make things better?

Regardless... green indexes are clearly possible... although I'd guess a slightly neg' close in the 2080/75 zone.

notable strength

CREE +2.3%, everyone needs light bulbs, right?
RIG +3.2%..  with Oil rebuilding gains of +2.8%

CHK +6.8%...  offering a pretty well defined floor.. at least for the short term.

Here in London city...

Not a day to venture outside.. its pretty horrible... 4 weeks until the shortest day.

VIX update from Mr T.

time for tea.