Friday, 27 November 2015

11am update - problems in Disneyland

Whilst the main indexes are trading (naturally) muted.. there is very significant weakness in Disney (DIS), -3.6% in the $114s. Next support is the 113/112 zone. Sustained price action under the 200dma (109s) looks completely out of range... not least as Star Wars hysteria continues to grow.

DIS, daily


*note how DIS got stuck at the upper end of the price gap zone, from the earnings snap in early August. Kooky how that often happens, right?

The ESPN data sure wasn't pretty, but that is a small part of Disney, and I'd expect new historic highs.. whether late Dec', or early January.

I'll consider going long DIS next Monday.

Oil remains weak... but holding the key $40 threshold...

USO, daily2

Meanwhile... here in London city...

This is as close to sunshine as it came today.

time for an early lunch