Monday, 19 October 2015

10am update - opening minor weakness

US equities open a little lower to sp'2022, but there are already signs that any downside today will be very muted.. and certainly not until 2010. VIX is +4%.. but still in the lowly 15s. Oil is notably weak, -1.8%.. and that is not helping energy stocks.




Broadly.. equity bears can't expect anything much of today... or this week.

Really, it seems a case of waiting to see where we are trading at the time of the next FOMC (Wed' Oct 28th).

notable weakness: MS, -5.9% on lousy earnings

strength: DIS, +0.5% in the $108s.. the 109s look imminent... with a new Star Wars trailer this evening. The internetz is ready to melt down on that.