Monday, 21 September 2015

3pm update - net daily gains

After a few swings, most US indexes are set to close moderately higher, with the sp' set for the 1970s... along with VIX 20s. By Wednesday, we could easily be looking at sp'2000/2020 zone with VIX 18/17s. Best case for the bull maniacs would seem to be the sp'2030s with VIX 16/15s... briefly.




A relatively quiet day...  what should be clear...

1. China threatens upside to the 3300/400s
2. Oil is powerfully strong.. especially relative to the USD.

Market looks like it wants to make one more push upward into Wed/Thursday.. test the 50dma (sp'2036).. and then FAIL.

*I've eyes on AAPL, DIS, and INTC, as individual stock shorts in the next cycle. Have been watching their relative option put chains today.... but better prices to short from.. still seem due.

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