Friday, 19 June 2015

2pm update - afternoon chop

US equities remain slightly weak... with some rather natural quad-opex price chop. Price structure on the hourly sp'500 cycle is offering a bull flag into next week, but there remains the threat of 'rats selling into the weekend'. Oil remains especially weak, -1.8% in the $59s.



Little to add.

Typical turn time is 2.30pm...  perhaps the bears will start to show increasing downside power from that time.

VIX is holding minor gains of 1.4% in the 13.40s... a daily close in the 14s would be very useful.

INTC, daily

With the loss of $32, we now have a bearish engulfing candle on the daily.. a break under the flag looks highly probable next week. If correct, it bodes in favour of downside for the broader market.

meanwhile.. it is a rather nice evening in London city...

Blue skies for the bears

2.30pm.. The rats are already starting to get twitchy ahead of the weekend... sp -8pts @ 2112..  with VIX 13.60s..

.. its just starting to get a little interesting.