Thursday, 21 May 2015

Asian markets remain strong

Whilst the US equity market saw a day of minor chop (aside from the Transports), there remains notable strength in the Chinese and Japanese markets. The Shanghai comp' looks set for the giant psy' level of 5K, whilst the BoJ fueled Nikkei is battling toward 22K by July.

China - SSEC, monthly

Japan - Nikkei, monthly


After a little weakness earlier this month, the SSEC is back on the rise... and looks set to break the recent high of 4572. Once we see 4600s.. it should become pretty clear to the mainstream that 5K will be hit this summer.

As for the Nikkei, it is higher for 11 of the last 13 months... and the two net monthly declines were only fractional. The BoJ is clearly intent on keeping the Nikkei on a course to far higher levels... talk of challenging the 1989 Dec'high of 38957 is already starting to arise.

Brief update on the Trans

It is highly notable that the Trans - 'old leader', has seen 5 net monthly declines of the past 7. That should certainly give the bull maniacs at least something to think about.

However, 2012 saw the Trans trade sideways, whilst the rest of the market soared. To me, that is probably what we're seeing right now.

Not forgetting, the Nasdaq comp' looks set to take out the March 2000 high of 5132, and that would bode for further upside into the 5500/5750 zone.. BEFORE any realistic chance of a sig' correction of 10/15%.

Video update from Mr Long, with guest Rubino.

As ever, always recommended viewing, although I certainly do not agree with all of what was said.

Looking ahead

Thursday will see a wheel barrow of econ-data...

: weekly jobs, Chicago fed, PMI manu', Phil fed', existing home sales, leading indicators.

That will give the market plenty of excuse to move one way or another in the early morning.

*it is notable that the Yellen will be speaking on the econ-outlook - Friday @ 1pm, and despite a 3 day weekend looming, there should more than enough to keep most traders awake.

Goodnight from London