Tuesday, 7 April 2015

10am update - another breakout attempt

US equities are battling to build minor gains in early trading, but more importantly, to break above the March' 30th high of sp'2088. A second day of net gains.. with a close in the 2090s would negate all near term downside scenarios.




*VIX trying to hold the floor... but it remains an extremely marginal situation

So... opening gains.. and the 'white flag' zone for the equity bears is a mere few points away.

Market mood seems increasingly confident.... its not looking so great, but as ever, that is what short-side trading stops are for, right?
notable weakness:  GDX -1.4%... as the metals are weak, Gold -$5

10.05am... Indexes weakening.... bears should be desperate for a daily close back under the 50dma of sp'2074, along with VIX in the 15s.. at minimum.