Friday, 20 February 2015

3pm update - algo bot melt to conclude the week

US equities remain in classic algo-bot melt mode... hitting endless short-stops, with a new historic high of sp'2107, similarly reflected by the R2K and Dow. Metals remain weak, Gold -$8, with Silver -1.1%. Oil is slipping into the weekend, -2.0%. VIX is in standard cooling mode, -2.6% in the 14.80s.



Little to add... it has been one of the most tedious weeks in market land for some months. Hell, even the Christmas holiday period seemed more lively. Or maybe its just me?

Notable weakness: oil drillers, RIG/SDRL, both lower by around -2.5%


This one is for the Greek finance minister...

back at the close.. to wrap up the week