Friday, 26 December 2014

10am update - awaiting a powerful signal

US equities open moderately higher, with the Sp'500 breaking a new historic high. Most notable, the R2K is set to break the July high of 1213.55. Once broken.. it will offer a powerful bullish signal for the ENTIRE market for 2015.

R2K, daily


*interesting price action in a number of areas, inc' Oil/gas, but for is all about the R2K

With metals seeing yet another bounce, the miners are similarly positive, ETF of GDX +3.1%
stay tuned!

10.02am.... NEW HISTORIC high for the R2K.

Anyone not taking this index seriously... is going to have a real bad 2015.

Doomer bears.... beware.

First soft target... 1250/75 in Jan/Feb... the 1300s.

The 1500s look viable as early as mid summer.... how long until the mainstream start joking about 'R2K @ 2k' ?