Monday, 7 July 2014

10am update - morning weakness

Equities open moderately lower, but with sig' QE this morning, equity bears will be lucky to get a daily close in the 1970s. Metals are a little weak, Gold -$6. VIX is 9% higher, but still...only in the 11s.



It is notable that the upper bol' on the weekly is now the 1990s.  Certainly, 1990/95 is viable in the immediate term. I'd still guess 2000 won't be hit until at least next week.

As noted at the weekend, there really isn't much of significance this week. The 1900 threshold is a relatively long way down, and I sure don't see that being violated for a few months, if not the rest of the year.

*naturally, WFM is lower by almost -1% to start the week. Great. Just.. great.

time to shop...