Thursday, 26 June 2014

11am update - a little more time

US indexes have seen some moderate declines this morning, taking out the Wed' morning sp'1949 low. Market still looks set for a little further lower, to the 1940/35 zone, a prime time for that remains 2.30pm or so, and that should equate to VIX 13s.



*I'd guess market will be almost semi-closed during the USA/Germany game at 12pm EST.

So..we're lower this morning..the bear flag was confirmed, and based on the Monday down wave, I'd expect today's C wave to last until mid afternoon.

Friday looks set for net least by end of the day anyway.

Notable weakness, RIG, -2.5%

.. but I'd still hold to general upside to the 48/50 zone within a month.

time to shop.... back soon.

11.22am.. minor chop continues, and 1950 is offering resistance.

Long afternoon ahead for the bulls.... I'm still guessing we drift lower...1940/35.. and then... up.