Friday, 30 May 2014

3pm update - minor chop into months end

May is set to close with net monthly gains for all the US equity indexes. Even the battered R2K/Nasdaq are higher by 0.6% and 2.9% respectively. Not exactly bearish, is it? Meanwhile, precious metals will close the month on a weak note, with net monthly declines of around -3%.



A short week, but...overly tiresome, I will welcome the weekend...and good riddance to May. For the was simply another month to forget.

Notable weakness: TWTR -4% or so, but gains on the week.

Coal miners looking dire, but more on them..after the close, on my 'fair value' page.

Meanwhile...whilst the VIX is set for the lowest monthly close since Feb' 2007 (ahh yes, the property bubble peak), clown finance TV are focused on far more important things... such as what clothing one of their guest should wear.

Clown finance TV... indeed
Yeah...the clown pants would be appropriate.


3.30pm.. the only issue this closing much might the VIX be knocked lower into the it almost always is.

I don't expect 10s today..but June.

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