Thursday, 6 March 2014

10am update - 143pts across 21 trading days

US indexes are building moderate gains, with the sp'500 at a new historic high in the 1880s. The Dow and Transports look set to follow in the days ahead. Metals have turned higher, Gold +$6, with Silver +0.8%. VIX ix merely melting lower, in the upper 13s.




What to say eh? Especially to those people who are STILL trying to short the ongoing hyper-ramp from sp'1737...

We're now...143pts higher (8.2%), across 21 trading days.

Suffice to say...the upward trend continues!

Hourly and daily charts are offering the 1890s in the immediate term.

For the hyper-bulls out there, its important to note the monthly charts will be offering the 1940/50s by late March.

Notable strength in the Trans, esp' the shippers.

DRYS, daily

*open air to $4.50/60..if not the big $5-00 threshold.

10.02am..Yes, there is a black-fail candle on the hourly/daily DRYS, so...downside across the morning..but still. the weekly cycle is powerfully bullish - as is the BDI.