Tuesday, 21 January 2014

10am update - new up wave underway

The market begins the week with moderate gains, and they look set to build across the week. A daily close in the 1855/60 zone looks likely, with the 1860/80s viable in the days ahead - supported on the bigger weekly/monthly charts.



What is there to say about all the recent bearish talk? Actually, there is a great deal to say, not least about all those touting the sp'1700s recently. Where are all those who were recently posting 1929 crash charts?

Oh thats right, they have again crawled back into their little cesspool holes, where they will likely remain until the FOMC of next Wednesday. Then they'll appear once more, touting the end of the world, and an 'imminent crash'.

Idiots..every gods damn one of them.  I guess that would make Daneric the doorman for the cesspool, yes? Most seem to have lost all perspective lately. I'm way beyond tired of it, and we're only 3 weeks into the year

 Notable strength: STX, TSLA

STX, daily

The mid 30s..from almost a year ago, now look a very long way down. The big $100 looks an easy target by mid 2015.