Friday, 13 December 2013

11am update - double floor at 1772

A touch of weakness..and the market slips to confirm 1772 as a floor. Text. Book. :)  Metals are gaining, Gold +$10, whilst Oil is weak..-1%. Equity bears have had a bonus chance to exit in the low 1770s. Now its time for the bulls to kick this market back into the 1790/1800s by late Monday.




So..the bears had yet another opportunity to exit at the cycle low. That makes for a rather lucky 13th.

We have a clear double floor, and all index cycles should now start to push upward..all the way into next week.

*very notable strength in FB and TWTR.

11.16am.. market still teasing the bears.   Bulls just need a break >1777..

FB +1.5%.. TWTR set for the big $60 on Monday...even Drudge is highlighting this loss making company.

11.27am.. market wants to snap higher... 1776..and ...poised.