Monday, 2 December 2013

10am update - viable upside... jumps!

A new month, and the upper bollinger bands on the big monthly charts (naturally) jump higher. Dow 16500, sp'1840s, and Trans 7400s are viable this month. On the flip side, precious metals are now offering Gold $1150, and Silver $16s.

Dow' monthly'2, rainbow

GLD, monthly


Mr Market sure doesn't have to reach those upper bol' levels this month. Hell, even the sp'1820s would be another major achievement. On balance though, Dow 16400/600 does seem very viable.

With continued QE - particularly heavy this week, there is little reason why we won't be in the sp'1820/30s by the end of this week.

Notable strength in AAPL  breaking into the 560s. Upside target zone remains 580/600 by year end.

10.31am..short-stopped out of SLV @ 18.77... I think I caught the low of the day.

Downside target for SLV remains 17 though..within the next 2-3 weeks.