Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bull maniacs giving thanks to the Bernanke

Another set of new index highs for US equities, and without question, the bull maniacs - who think everything is fine with the 'new economy', owe much of the last two years of gains (68%) to the Bernanke. It remains a wonder just what the Yellen monster will bring across 2014/15.

sp'weekly4 - hyper-bullish outlook


Things remain very much on track. General upside into end year, a probable moderate drop in late Jan/Feb, before a final lurch higher in late spring. A major drop next summer/autumn..sure would make for a damn change!

Nikkei...almost there

As I've been highlighting for much of this year, the Nikkei monthly chart is a critical one for equity bulls to monitor. First target is a monthly close in the 16000s, that now looks very likely for December..and will open the door to 17k in the spring (along with 17k Dow)...and eventually 20k in 2015.

Nikkei, monthly, 20yr

Just another 550pts to go, and that will be more than enough to clarify the TWO DECADE declining trend/resistance has been broken. That will be an extremely important milestone for global equities, and be a massive reminder of the underlying global up trend.

*I will cover the Nikkei and other world indexes in more depth, this coming weekend.

Looking ahead

I'll deal with Friday, in a late evening Thursday post.

*I will probably post one or two things tomorrow, so..check in...between those heavy servings of QE, I mean..turkey.

Goodnight from London