Thursday, 21 November 2013

3pm update - closing hour chop

The indexes are battling hard to hold onto the sp'1790s. Bears look weak, and there seems no reason to believe sig' downside is viable until early December. Metals are weak...but still trying to vainly bounce into early Friday.

sp'60min + metals.


Tis a cold day in London...I'm starting to freeze up..urghh..

At least the market is still behaving itself...and we do seem to be in a little fifth wave higher.

best guess...we level out at the end of next week..somewhere in the 1815/25 zone.

*I will look to re-short Silver, via SLV, early tomorrow. target is 19.50/60..which I would be very satisfied with...with a downside target of 17...if not 15.

3.40pm ...somewhat tiresome day.

Metals are weak...Gold -$2...Silver still 5-10 cents higher though...maybe 15/25 tomorrow..briefly.

Dow +105 @ 16k....the big probably 3-4 months away.