Monday, 25 November 2013

11am update - morning chop

After the Nasdaq Comp' broke the big 4k level, the indexes are seeing some minor chop. No doubt, the sig' QE-pomo is helping negate what little sell side pressure there is this morning. Metals are weak, with Oil -0.9%.



Like many, I am looking for the top of sub'5 - of 3. Difficult to judge...and as I will keep saying, I don't think the short side is tradeable anyway.

More interesting right now than the indexes...

Notable weakness in FB, TWTR.

FB, daily'2

I really like the H/S outlook, which would target a rather obvious $35..possibly 32.

As for TWTR, still early days, but if it can't hold a daily close in the $40s...$10 lower would be likely.

The following is certainly not the most inspiring story - Twitter Robot factory.