Monday, 28 October 2013

Pre-Market Brief

Good morning. Futures are a touch higher, sp +1pt, we're set to open in the low 1760s. Metals and Oil both look flat. Equity bulls look set for further gains today, the very large QE of $5bn will no doubt help!



Well, another week begins, and by the end of it, it'll be a new month, and 2014 will feel a lot closer!

I'm guessing at least a few more weeks 'battling higher'. The sp'1800s do look likely, but we'll probably get stuck somewhere in the 1810/30 zone, before some kind of 3-5% retracement.

With QE set to continue ALL the way into late spring, I see no reason why this nonsense won't be trading in the sp'2000s.

*London city is clearing up after a rather stormy early morning. Some damage (if limited) in most places, even from my own window! The UK clocks have changed, and that will be annoying for this week, as all my EST times will need to be adjusted by an hour!

Update from Mr Permabull

Interesting how Oscar is now the first (that I know of) in the mainstream to be touting the sp'2000s in the current multi-year cycle. Even if the market gets whacked 20% next year (for whatever reason), sp'2500 looks pretty easy to hit by late 2015. day at a time....and this week will of course be all about the FOMC this Wednesday.