Tuesday, 15 October 2013

2pm update - VIX creeping higher

The one notable move right now is the VIX, which has crept from the early low of 16.07...to the 17.30s. There is moderate chance of a further jump at the Wed' open (which is VIX opex) to around 18.50. That could in theory offer the equity bears a brief foray down to the low 1690s.




Regardless, nothing has really changed. Underlying upward pressure is still there, and even if we somehow briefly drop on renewed concern that 'time is running out'...the market should broadly hold together.

*Oil is somewhat following the main market, currently -0.6%. A positive close now looks very unlikely...urghhh

2.38pm.. VIX accelerating... 18.50 is the next zone..


hmm..and sp' headed for first support at 1690.