Wednesday, 21 August 2013

10am update - bears powerless

The main indexes open moderately lower, but bears appear utterly powerless. The sp'500 puts in a marginally higher lower, and looks set to very strong latter day gains..even into the 1670s. VIX is higher, but largely due to VIX-opex. Metals/Oil..still weak.




*I was very close to going long at the open, but no..I can't stomach this. Am utterly tired of this market.

Opening black candle on the VIX...bears have no excuse to be still short with that.

Default trade - as based on weekly short.

I will wait for the sp'1680s, but hey, I missed the entire last move from 1709 to 1645, so whats been the point of all that waiting? urghh

10.16am..hmm....another micro-wave lower. 15min cycles not offering a turn/floor yet.