Tuesday, 9 July 2013

2pm update - comfortably holding gains

The market is holding gains for the fourth consecutive day, with the sp' in the 1650s. The June'18th high of 1654 looks set to be taken out either late today, or sometime tomorrow - when there is another mid-size QE of $3bn.



One minor surprise is how weak Oil appears to be, although I guess it might just be price consolidation after the break through the big $100 level.

*I remain more than content to sit on the sidelines.

Stock of the day... BKS

It would seem the CEO just got the boot, and the stock is continuing its daily up cycle. That only leaves the rest of the incompetent board members still to go.

Despite the price ramp..the company continues to lose money on EVERY book sold. Clearly, capitalism at its finest.