Monday, 26 November 2012

3pm update - redistribution for beginners

Mr Market is seemingly content to trade sideways into the close. Tuesday morning could open lower, but again, the daily trend remains to the upside. Dollar is fractionally higher, VIX is +4% - but that's the usual static. With AAPL..and other hysteria stocks like FB on the rise, these are not bearish trading conditions.



Not much to say really, its kinda quiet.

Why not watch the following instead... you might never see a better example of what happens when two monsters adopt Keynesian economic policy.

*special note, you must watch until the very end, or you won't see the important final result!

back after the close :) , I think I need some more milk in my tea.

UPDATE 3.30pm

We're melting higher so far this closing hour.

A close around 1406/08 seems viable, almost flat, with the tech' sector (helped by AAPL/FB) already green.

Transports is similarly green, and there is a likely further significant up day yet to come.