Thursday, 18 October 2012

2pm update - things turned exciting

A dull...boring morning....but that was superbly ended by the early release of the GOOG earnings report..and a real stinker of a report it seems to be.

Main market is trying to break the morning lows, although incredibly the VIX remains flat.




A little drama always helps, and the GOOG has really turned today into something worth being part of.

Bears should seek a close <1450..if that's the case, it'd make for a very nice turn day, and perhaps, would mark a second lower high - as seen on the daily chart.

*GOOG remains halted, and it 'should' reappear before the 4pm close,but frankly, were I a day-trader -with a GOOG long (or short) position, I'd be really concerned right now that they might not relist until tomorrow.

Regardless, its all pretty exciting stuff.

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